March 14, 2019

Whether we realize it or not, we are all in preparation mode. 

We find ourselves in that sweet spot between the quiet darkness where we were planted 5 months ago, and the lively warmth that Mother Nature is creating. 


Winter can feel long. Too long sometimes here in New England. But it's usually around this time of year that my senses all start coming back to me. January and February have challenged me to stay put. Stay planted. Stay patient. But March? March playfully pokes at my heart center, reminding me that we were not forgotten. That spring and summer buds will bloom, mirroring our internal seasonal clock, embracing the rays we never seem to remember while it's cold. 


I am more surprised with every passing year how intense spring can feel. How overwhelmed I am with gratitude, energy, and a sense of renewal when the thermometer starts staying at a consistent 65 degrees. And this just goes to show that I neglect to realize (even after 30 rotations around the sun) that I am never alone. I am never forgotten. That winter ceases to exist, if for only a little while, and the world can glow. 


So, too, is the presence of God in our lives. Through the challenges and valleys of life, He plants us where the soil is rich. Where He knows the darkness won't break us. And where. . . when the time is right. . . we can bloom. 

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