February 7, 2019

"This whole week, pretend you are complete. There is no need to expect anything from yourself or to criticize or judge or change anything about you. No need to compete with anyone, no need to be more than you are (or less than you are). Note your experience."

-D. Adele


    ^ That is my homework for the week. I'm day 5 into this whole "you are complete" thing, and if we were back in high school where showing your work was a part of the assignment, I'd have nothing but circles under the eyes, an unorganized house, and two open bags of chips to pass in as evidence.

While lack of sleep is definitely playing a role in my mood this week, my resistance and slight frustration comes from the underlying notion that perfection is synonymous with complete. 


How can I be perfect?

There is alway something to strive for.

I don't look like her/them. 

I don't have my shit together like I want to. 

How is being "complete" so messy on me? 


    While we all have heard that "comparison is the thief of joy", snapping yourself back into a positive mindset and rooting yourself into the present can be tough. (Thanks social media for completely messing up the idea of what 'happiness' should be) Tough, however, doesn't need to mean impossible. Self-love can coexist with self-discipline; hard work can coexist with setbacks; and every "flaw" can compile to make us complete. The sleepless nights, the piles of mail, the junk food in the cabinets, the lack of gym time, etc. are all a part of life---and how lucky are we to be alive!?

    Criticism, judgement, negative thoughts, and stress are an easy go-to when things get difficult, but our minds are powerful things and it is just as easy to switch mental gears to acceptance, love, and confidence. We are (I am!) truly "enough".  What I bring to the table every day, no matter where I go, as long as it's with love, is a blessing to myself and others. Being complete is not being perfect. Being complete is being here. Being light. Being You. Being me.





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