Three Deep Breaths

December 15, 2018

It makes me sad that over the last few weeks I have only heard people refer to the holidays as hectic, stressful, overwhelming, and busy. Not once have I heard the words "joyful", "peaceful", "hopeful", "exciting", or "fun". . .Which truly are the feelings I associate with the Christmas season! Yes, we are busy--The rush and anxiety of media-driven holiday mania is enough to make anyone panic. But you can actively choose to fill your schedule with equal amounts of work/play. You can actively choose to think and respond from a place of love when shopping lines get heated, or someone cuts you off on the road. You can take 3 deep breaths and start again. 


The holidays can be difficult for some, and I never want to downplay the sadness that creeps in for those who cannot be home, or surrounded by the warmth and love of family. Or those who work overtime this time of year just to make ends meet. But there is hope in the holiday season when we remember what it is really about. The coming of our Savior and how that journey expanded. The anticipation of His arrival and how celebrated He was the moment He was born. These feelings of peace and exultation are what we long to hold onto during Christmastime, and ultimately all year through. So even if you are in over your head with deadlines, shopping, and travel. . . turn your eyes upward, take 3 deep breaths, and start again. 


The holiday season is a period when we can reflect on what we deem important. It allows us to re-prioritize and *give* back. This is a time of internal contemplation, a hibernation of sorts, so that we return to the core of our human nature. . .Love. If stress, busy, and hectic are words you're choosing to describe the days ahead I challenge you to step back and make a plan of action to allow joy, excitement, and happiness into your vocabulary. Take 3 deep breaths. And start again. 







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