Letting In

November 16, 2018

I saw HAMILTON last month at Boston's Opera House and have been thinking about one line, ever since:


 "We push away what we can never understand. . . We push away the unimaginable." 


It struck me in the soft spot between the heart and gut...the space where you lose your breath and hold the most vulnerability. And I have come to realize that it's not only because I understand the lyrics (I mean *really* get them), but it's also because it's sad how true it is. Even though the song's context is about loss/mourning/infidelity/gut-wrenching heartache, the words can apply to even more (less complex) life situations.  


Very often, it is fear that causes us to shut down and push away. Sometimes it's intimidation, bitterness, confusion or sadness that demotivates us and keeps us from trying. Whatever the reason may be, creating walls and boundaries, and the action of pushing emotions/thoughts/people down and away, can actually cause bodily ailments and sickness. If you have ever been stressed for several days at a time and then gotten a horrible cold, did you ever stop and wonder how the two were related?! Negative energy has been stirring up inside of you with no release! So what if, instead of pushing away the uncomfortable and unknown, we let them in instead?


It is easy to block. Easy to say we don't care. Easy to walk away and to cut the conversations short. But allowing the growing pains of life to sink in has more benefits than one may think. For starters, it gets rid of  all that bad ju-ju. You don't want to walk around day in and day out with the mental/emotional weight of past b.s. It also forces you to dig deeper and gain more knowledge about the situation or person(s) you aren't quite understanding. Be inquisitive! Ask questions! Let your power of choice lead you peace, even when shit gets hard! I have recently had to deal with some uneasy situations. One was an actual event, and one was a conversation. I could have very easily turned the other cheek, gotten defensive, snapped back, or completely ignored all of it. But I chose, instead, to breathe deep and step up. Step up to my full potential as a young woman who can be refined, compassionate, and understanding. I chose to tell my ego to take a back seat and let in what I did not understand. Guess what? I'm still standing ;)


Allowing thoughts about life...the "why's" and "how's" and "when's"...to flow through you, can create calmness. Rewrite those lyrics from a more open and forgiving standpoint. Allow the unimaginable to pose the question "How do I rebuild?" versus "I give up".  Gift yourself with patience-for others and yourself-and push yourself to understand what you can, and let go of what you can't. Don't let it define you as a human; let it teach you. Let it all in. 

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