The sum of some

June 14, 2018

Some days, I feel like I can conquer the world. Lift the planet and everyone on it, right up on my shoulders and keep it all spinning peacefully. Making changes that create waves across all countries. Making art that nobody has ever seen or experienced before. All without insecurities. Finding and solving the bigger issues. Like animal safety and the rebirth of our oceans. I feel beautiful on these days. Like my eyes provide shelter for those feeling lost. Like my words are something to actually learn from and live by. I see God, I feel God, and I am grateful. 


Some days. 


Some days I feel like every single eye is on me. Actually (and even worse is that..) my eyes are on everybody else. The quicksands of judgement pull me further down towards self-doubt and holy shit does that hurt. Being suffocated by others is one thing, but limiting your own air supply is just asinine. And so. I guess. I am asinine. I think and overthink and then overthink my overthinking. Again and again. I wonder about what’s passed and stress about what’s ahead. Knowing that I am running myself dizzy in a race against time that nobody has ever won. But I see God, I feel God, and I am grateful. 


Some days. 


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