The ever elusive happiness

February 2, 2018

January has (very quickly) whispered its goodbye’s, but the “new year, new me” motto is still very much alive, which has me— and I’m sure many of you—thinking about goal setting. It is a common tradition to ring in the new year with new intentions. Health, travel, a new job, or quitting a bad habit are all among the top of the list, but very often, there is one goal that slips though the cracks. One goal that, no matter how much time passes, we find ourselves re-starting over and over again. 


The goal of happiness.


Long after that midnight rush of excitement.....when the calendar shifts into spring, then summer and fall....when we are back into the monotony of our daily gets easy to wonder where all those new year resolutions scampered off to. Maybe you lost that 15 pounds, or got a new car, or moved into a bigger apartment, but something is still longing for more. Perhaps as one goal is accomplished, a thousand others seem to pop up. Bigger, better, more refined goals. Goals that will surely make you “happy!” (There’s that word again...)


How many times have you thought, “I just want to be HAPPY” even when you tell people you’re “good” or “work is going pretty well” or that you “can’t complain.” These remarks occur daily and have simply become our norm. But who wants “eh, not bad” to be their normal?! Not me!! 


Recently, I have become truly skeptical in believing that happiness is something where, once ‘found’, will be a constant state of being.  Is it REALLY obtainable? Can you really find it, hold onto it, and live in that consciousness 24/7? I dont think so. Rather than see it is an end point, I see it as a choice. I see it as mini tasks that you can set throughout each day, and I very much believe that happiness, or what provides happiness, comes to us at different times in variants that are equally important and satisfying. But to set happiness as a long-term goal may just be setting yourself up for disappointment. You know why? Because LIFE happens. Heartbreak, fear, sorrow, laziness, rude people, and stress. The natural ebb and flow of nature itself is not even always happy. (Think of tornados and thunderstorms and earthquakes and floods. . . . )


While I don’t think happiness should be this “end all, be all” mentality, I do trust that to find gratitude in every waking take care of your mind and body as one recognize the energy behind every living being on this to be happy. In short: you have to work at it all day,  Don’t narrow your mindset to a checklist. Don’t tell yourself “I want to be.....”, tell yourself “I am...” and watch what happens. (Hint: it’s beautiful) 


Happy belated new year, friends! I’ve missed you :) 

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