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July 13, 2017


Ah, summer months. . . 

I hope you have all been enjoying this season as much as I have been!


In past years, I went crazy over the summer. "I'm bored" was my main phrase, and I was constantly trying to find things to do or making things up because I couldn't sit still. Taking class, cleaning, cooking, working out, reading, writing, lesson planning, choreographing, cleaning some more!! I wanted to be on top of things, ahead of the game, ready for the next task. It was so habitual for me to go-go-go but then the inevitable would happen. I would crash. I would lose momentum and either get sick, feel super exhausted, or simply lose interest in the things I enjoyed most. 


Girlfriend had no clue how to simply R-E-L-A-X. 


This year, it seems that the dance/work season may have been a bit harder on me than I realized. Once June hit, my work sensors completely diminished and I was 110% in vacation mode. I did not want to check emails, respond to emails, make phone calls, plan anything for classes, create, move, or be around the studio setting. I wasn't feeling inspired, motivated (or motivating) and was, for the first time in a while, turning away from what I knew best. But I was paying attention to the things I was craving, and pushing aside the things I felt I "had" to do.


While it is natural to feel guilty about doing this, it is so important to listen to what you feel you need.  For me, this started off as taking classes I was interested in, but very rarely had time for during the school year. I made myself a personal challenge for the month of June to go to as many yoga classes as possible. In one month, I accomplished 18 classes (normally, I average about 8) and I felt SO amazing. This cannonballed into branching out to do other things I normally wouldn't, or couldn't, do. Like: sleeping in..making plans with family and friends (a lot!)...cooking more...going on vacation...watching documentaries...and the list goes on.  And guess what? Taking a break from what my "norm" is, actually has me ready to get back into the swing of things (albeit gradually....but that's better than nothing!)


When you run on empty, you can't be the best version of you for yourself, or for anybody else in your life. Finding the reset and recharge button is different for everyone, but if you can make time to try some other things you might enjoy-- eventually you can step back into life with a pair of fresh eyes. 

I still plan on utilizing the next seven weeks to my advantage. Beach days are calling! ;) But Im also ready to create again. I am ready to move. 


Reset-recharge-and get back to kicking ass, people! It's your life----might as well be happy!!!!



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