March 7, 2017

Hello, friends! 


I am finally getting a chance to sit & write. . . . The past week and a half has been full of rehearsals, teaching/gearing up for competition & recital season, and several educational performances at Braintree elementary schools! It's been a welcome change of pace & scenery working with grades K-5 on movement, music & the ideas/images of dance. These children amaze me with their knowledge, viewpoints & vocabulary!! So fun :) 


Beyond the change in sleep & travel habits for the past 9 days, I had really missed my weekly yoga classes. This morning it felt SO good to be back on the mat, breathing, stretching & clearing my headspace. Yoga presses the "reset" button on my emotions & physical wellness. It helps me release the negative & nurture the positive! 


Coupled with my yoga experience, I've begun a (kind of new) spiritual journey as well!! I've wanted, for some time now, to commit a portion of my day to spiritual  practices but have always found an excuse to do otherwise. I grew up going to church every Sunday. . . I went through the "i dont need this" phase. . . I thankfully found friends in college who shared similar beliefs & supported my faith. . . & I've gone through some life changing events in the past few years that have only strengthened my connections. Maybe it's because I am getting older or maybe it's because I'm finally allowing my brain to take a back seat while my heart does the work (maybe a bit of both!), but I've finally decided to dive head first into daily readings & journaling.

Guys. . . 


                                                               It is changing my life. 


"She reads truth" is an amazing company that allows women of all ages to actively read, write, share and support one another in faith. I stumbled upon them through Instagram years ago, and just recently found that they have an app. Within the app there are different reading plans for you to pick & choose from. . . Super simple & effective! Then, usually once I'm done with all the reading for the day, I'll journal about the message I read about, I'll relate it to my life at the moment, and answer any questions the reading plan may have. Then I'll briefly write down what my prayers are, who they're for, and seal it with a positive intention :) 


You don't have to be spiritual in the christian sense in order to take part in something positive on a daily basis. But expanding your mind, trying new things, writing things down, being physically active & wanting to be the best version of you are all ways to help! I am a long way from where I want to be, but I am so happy to have these tools at my fingertips to keep the journey going! 

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