New year, New intentions

January 27, 2017


Hello friends!

I have been distancing myself from blogging for a while & apologize for the absence. I think it's been a subconscious decision, due in part because of my schedule and new habits (more on that later) but also due to a lack of inspiration. I thought i had this clear image of how I wanted this blog to blossom. . . . But soon found that my entries were not cohesive (at least not in my mind). It was driving me nuts that I was writing about all different topics & still trying to relate them back to enjoying the little things in life. How would I consistently have something to write about that interests people enough to tune in every week? How could I use my voice through my entries to inspire & uplift readers? Was anyone actually reading them anyway? The list of questions goes on & on. . . . . 

But I really want to get back into the swing of things & there's no better time than NOW! My goal is to aim for 1 blog entry per week, no matter what the topic, and to be patient with myself as this new writing venture unfurls.


I had an urge to write today about hope and I believe I chose this topic because it's what we are lacking. Kind of like when your body craves certain foods because you need the protein or the vitamins or the hydration. Our life is similar in that we crave certain people, moments, or environments because it brings us what we emotionally need to feel fulfilled. 

Our nation is more divided than many of us have seen in our lifetime. There are feelings of entitlement, worry, bitterness, heartache, and confusion. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to feeling "right" or being "better", but more often than not, these words are never followed up with actions. We are a generation where we speak before we think. We post before we re-read. And we feel like we have accomplished something because other people (whether we know them or not) feel the same way, like our posts, and maybe throw in a comment of their own. 

Some may relate this to "actions speak louder than words", but I'm going to challenge that notion one step further....

**do your actions speak from an honest, hopeful, and genuine place?** 


Meditate on that for a second. . . . I'll wait. . . . 






All set? Great. 


Actions generally speak louder than words because they're more tangible. People feel like they have something they can physically obtain which feels like it means more. It's like a really solid hug vs. a mediocre high five. 

Someone's actions, however, are only as good as their intentions. If someone rallies against a political agenda that they are educated and passionate that affects them deeply and pushes them to the root of raw emotions....that is honorable. But if the heart-felt intention behind it is to get praise from others or just 'get even' and go against the idea simply because others opinions are viewed as wrong. . . It doesn't hold the same honor. See where I'm getting with this?? 


If you want to feel the feels but not actively get off your couch to make a change, then buy a journal. Nobody enjoys someone who complains all the time with nothing but their big mouth to back them up. If you want change. . . .find your heart's intention. Find your "why" and then find your community and then build each other up using your heart's intentions and watch your whole life shift!! Live with intention! 


I have been slowly beginning a new journey with this idea of intention.  I've been focusing more intently on journaling (hence my lack in blog life) where each entry begins or ends with "Gratitude" and "Intention for the day" lists. I have also begun a more serious practice into yoga, as well as my faith, and have noticed a tremendous shift in my ability to ease my anxiety, focus on the positive, and recognize when I'm being unfair...too vocal...or too hard on myself. I've clung to this idea of:

**Be where you're at, today & choose happiness** (I'll expand upon in my next blog entry)

And tiny little habit changes can truly move you into a healthier, happier life. 


I could go on forever here, but this entry is starting to get lengthy so I'll save some thoughts for another time. But please remember this:

**What you love, what you hate, what you want, need and hope for, are not in anyone else's hands but your own. You are a vessel on this Earth, wandering around with other souls who are wondering what their purpose is just like you are. Use this idea of togetherness to build you up, not tear you down! Find hope in what you believe in, and in God's plan. Push yourself to set positive intentions (no matter how minor!) & act upon them with honesty. A good action is good because of the heart, not because of the act itself. So be kind. . . . we all could use a little more of that :)


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