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September 30, 2016


Mis-matched socks.

Minimal lighting. . . . Because, morning. 

Sleepy bodies being careful with their movement. 

Brains waking up & trying to remember. 

Individual...Collective.......finding balance between the two. 




Walking to the studio this morning, I felt like I was back in college. Autumn tends to bring back emotions from a separate lifetime. . .when books & homework & grades still mattered. When carrying around a backpack the size of my body was (and let's be real. . . Still is) a thing. 


I've transitioned somehow into the working world, with very minimal adjustments to participating in the things I enjoy. Some call this 'lucky', others call it 'blessed'. . . And while I'm not opposed to using these terms to describe my life, I'm hesitant to throw a title on here simply because we need an answer as to why things fall into place.

Can't we just accept that that's how it goes, sometimes? 


[I'm experiencing new enlightenment which is exposing the power of the cosmos. The ripple effect that is: you get what you give. 

Karma, if you will. 

There are no permanent lies, or deceptions. You may trick others, but you cannot trick yourself. . . & you certainly cannot fool the universe, or the higher spirits within.]


The decisions we make, every second of every day, lead us to the next path. The thoughts we maintain create waves within ourselves & onward. So be kind to yourself...take time to find stillness....find breath....find light.....find peace.....and love.


& these things will come back to you!


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