Choose Happiness

September 28, 2016

Lots of times, anger or frustration are the quickest emotions to arise. Someone cuts you off at a 4-way-stop & an immediate "What the f*%^" escapes the mouth. Or your work day doesn't go according to plan, & all of a sudden, fingers are pointed & a thousand eye rolls or heavy sighs fill the office. 



Because it's easy. 


It's easy to find commonalities with other people over something you both hate or disagree with. It feeds our ego & gives us "power". It's easy to fall into a false sense of hope that others will live up to our expectations. . . Only to be disappointed & then get mad at THEM, instead of recognizing our flawed way of thinking. It's a fast reaction, it's a learned reaction &  we are all guilty of it. 


But hey. . . Guess what? There's another option! We can CHOOSE happiness. 

(I love this idea!)


There will always be things that go wrong. There will be people who piss you off, and moments where you're tired & overwhelmed & then forget that the world doesn't know you're tired or overwhelmed. But how we respond to these things can only come from us. So while it's easy & natural to feel upset, it's beneficial to choose the opposite. 


Choosing to remember that people make mistakes, are also feeling rushed, have life things going on, have a heart! Choosing to see the little beauties of the day....repeating a silent gratitude list in your head as you get through the crazy commute....breathing through our mental, snarky comments &  voicing peaceful solutions to the issues that arise. 


It's all a choice. And you can begin choosing happy at any moment! :) 



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