Self-Observation without Judgement

September 20, 2016

[because this poem is perfect & we should all strive to appreciate & care for ourselves just as we would the ones we love. . . we criticize our "weak" points & totally forget about the strong ones! allow yourself to let go of the idea of perfection, and embrace the power of being unique.]




Release the harsh and pointed inner

voice. It's just a throwback to the past,

and holds no truth about this moment. 


Let go of self-judgement, the old, 

learned ways of beating yourself up

for each imagined inadequacy.


Allow the dialogue within the mind

to grow friendlier, and quiet. Shift

out of inner criticism and life

suddenly looks very different. 


I can say this only because I make 

the choice a hundred times a day

to release the voice that refuses to 

acknowledge the real me. 


What's needed here isn't more

prodding towards perfection, but

intimacy- seeing clearly, and

embracing what I see. 


Love, not judgement, sows the

seeds of tranquility and change. 


--Danna Faulds

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