Live like you mean it

September 16, 2016

"Live every day like it was your last". . . . . 


Let's discuss this for a second. 

If, this morning, I knew that today would be my very last, it probably would not have unfolded as it did. I may have still gotten up early & practiced some yoga, and I certainly would've had my AM coffee. But then I probably would have driven to the beach with some blankets & music, watched the sun come up, gone to eat the biggest, most delectable breakfast ever, and continued my day with things like:

-dancing randomly down the sidewalk 

-getting a wild hair-do

-drinking all of the sangria

-posting sticky notes around the city with inspirational, happy quotes

-flying myself somewhere exotic & wondrous 

-telling Jonny I love him every 30 seconds & doing my best to prove it

-having a picnic 

-hugging strangers 

-donating all my money to a cause/foundation I admire

-writing letters to people

-sending balloons up into the sky

-soaking in a bubble bath

-going on a safari

-saving every dog in America 

-paddle boarding 

-feeding penguins 

-asking my grandparents 1,000 questions about their lives

-then doing the same with my parents

-photographing anything & everything

-auditioning for a show or company that I never would have the balls to otherwise

-having a dinner party with every single human on earth that I LOVE

-did I mention sangria?



But I did not do ANY of those things since I have jobs that acquire me to be in attendance. Because ya know. . . . Money & bills & responsibility. :adult eye roll:

I know I'm being dramatic, but this phrase really should be eliminated. Because if anyone & everyone lived like today was their last, the world would be more wild than it is currently (actually, who knows! It may be a bit friendlier?). 


***we interrupt this blog post for a quick break for a dog who just ran up to me to sit & snuggle & give kisses. I'm sitting in the park on this gorgeous day, so I mean. . . Having a pup in my lap just made it perfect!!!!!***


Ok. Back to business. 


The quote's meaning, I'm sure, is more along the lines of "Live with purpose & mindfulness. Be compassionate. Open your eyes to simple beauties & assess what's most important. Live humbly, fully & without regret." All compelling ideas, which are, of course, much easier said than done, right? But they are NOT impossible.


If you are mindful of your body, breath & heart....if you consciously & carefully choose your is good. If you are compassionate towards others, no matter who they are, where they're from, or what ideologies they choose to believe, life is good. If you actually look at nature. . . The sun, the clouds, the grass, ocean, trees, animals, stars, ect.. . . .life is great! And if you live within your means, without ego or selfishness & you stand by who you are without giving a f*ck, then AMEN, HALLELUJAH- YOU WIN! 


Life is a journey and it's up to you to make it a solid one. Living like today is your last is a nice idea. . . But may not the most practical ;) So do what you gotta do, but make it count. 


:) happy Friday, friends.  


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