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September 3, 2016

I've been feeling oddly introspective & reflective lately. With that always comes over-sensitivity. Which means quick-tempered reactions more on the side of crying than being snappy. Ugh- 

But even so. . . .today and yesterday were pretty good days!!


I got some music editing done, I sat in the sun, I saw family & drafted for Fantasy Football, laughed a lot, cleaned up the house and got really excited for my upcoming weekend festivities :) 


But as the end of my Social Media Clenase comes to an end, I'm feeling very torn. 

Split perfectly down the middle. 


Half of me feels like: ok, i'm ready. It's been a decent break, and i fully comprehend how social media has affected me emotionally and mentally over the past year or two. I acknowledge my habits and am willing to work hard to keep those bad habits at bay. I miss my interactions with people, but more than anything, I miss sharing. Sharing positive news, creative photos, things I find inspirational, mirthful, and aesthetically pleasing.


And the other half of me feels like: hell no, I'm not ready. It's been a FABULOUS break and I want nothing to do with the habits I've formally created. I'm nervous that I'll get sucked back into the 'he said, she said, they're doing this, comparison' vortex. I don't miss the fake interactions with people and I don't WANT to see posts about everyone's 'to do' list, complaints, or posts pertaining to work. :sigh:


But I believe that, as apprehensive as I am about logging into FB and IG for the first time in over two months, I have gained a lot of knowledge. The freedom I've experienced, the personal growth from such a wonderful summer, and even the emotionally low points, have all compiled into this mental filing cabinet that I can pull from whenever needed. I used to like being in the know, but have really come to love being "clueless". So I just need to be smart about what I expose myself to. Will there be apps on my phone? Probably not for Facebook. Will I be following as many people as in the past? Probably not. I will be precise, selective and completely aware of how/when I use media time. And that's what I've learned from all this. . . . .it, just like the much of life, is what you make of it!!!!! 



:) So make it the best for YOU!



(thanks for coming along with this journey, friends!!  It was an amazing, beautiful, laughter-filled, beach-y, sunny, inspiring, life changing summer and I am grateful for the readers, the motivators, the supporters. I hope this blog wasn't crated in vane. . . . That I reached even a small amount of socialites who may be willing to step away from their screens and enjoy "real life" a bit more. I urge you to try it, talk about it, learn from it and motivate others. Make a difference. Have fun. Enjoy!)




until next time. . . 

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