Busy, busy, busy

September 1, 2016



And so begins the new season. . . .football, autumn colors, homework, rehearsals, new dances, new faces, and everything else that comes with it. 


Today, I've especially been feeling the chaos of crunch time' and my "to do" list seems a mile long! But I have to remind myself that every season tends to start the same. . . .with some nerves, anxiety, a bit of frustration but way more excitement to overshadow the bulls*t. No matter how overwhelming things seem currently, they always settle into exactly the right place. 


Busy is good. I appreciate schedules and routine because it helps me keep my mind off of things that I would otherwise spend daydreaming about. To be fair though, I've accomplished a bit more today than I would have if it were sunny out! Between the gloomy weather and lack of "social", I've found my recipe for productivity!! 


I have a couple more weeks of scattered 'freedom' (as all of my jobs begin at different times). . . so my goals are to get myself logistically, mentally, physically & spiritually prepared for the road ahead! I made a note to myself that reads: "Remember what this feels like", in reference to how amazing I felt after leaving the studio last night. The clear communication. The expectations. The students. The movement. The sweat. The laughter. The questions. And the feeling of understanding purpose. 


If i can keep those things in my back pocket and pull them out whenever my life twists and turns, this year will be the best yet :) 

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