August 6, 2016


I had this really serious blog post culminating in my head all evening. . . 

It was full of direct, gut-wrenchingly honest & raw emotions that I had been fostering since I left work. I had so many paragraphs floating around in my already overloaded mind & I was ready to discuss the gates that fly open when the universe decides to throw comparison/judgement into your life. 


Then I went through my phone's photos, forgetting that I had taken some pictures this afternoon during my break, & my heart shifted a bit. 


I found a patch of shade near a wall of flowers that simultaneously served as my bench. A new art installation had been placed outside our summer intensive building & it's bright colors & contrasting shapes caught my attention immediately. I read the sign that accompanied the work & it sparked an internal discussion about aspiration & optimism. So I sat. . . & I thought. . .& I wrote. I took a moment to reflect on how these two things are obtained. What they feel like (or look like or sound like). Whether it's internal or external or both. And how we can project them into the world. 


I won't bore you with what I actually wrote. But it was pretty amazing to meditate on the emergence of these two things throughout our/my lifetime. There are a lot of things around us that outweigh the immaturity. . . the attention seeking. . . the insecurities. . . the hurtful. 


Open your eyes & let it in!







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