July 22, 2016

At the beginning of the summer, along with the intention to give up social media, I began writing down a list of things I wanted to do. A "Summer Goals List" that held 21 things I wanted to see, experience, or make happen! Most of the items are simple...

*go to the drive in

*visit a farmers market/try a new fruit or veggie



But number 20 is my favorite. And not because it's seemingly ludicrous or even rude, to some people (because things like that automatically make it kind of hilarious to me hahaha). . . .it's my favorite because it's a simple & effective reminder that each new day is the only day promised (& even that whole 24 hours is unknown, so it's really each new *moment*...but I digress). It's a way for me to remember to live fully & also responsibly; to care about the important stuff & not sweat the petty stuff. 


You wanna know what it is, don't you?? 


Well, you'll have to excuse my vulgar language on this one but here it is. #20 (or "hashtag twenty" as I've been calling it) :

*Don't give a fuck. Be nice. But don't give a fuck. 




I've run in the rain back to our car without shoes on because we got caught in a storm.

I've canceled a car appointment so I could trek into boston to watch one of my best friends perform.

I've had a picnic on top of a mountain with my husband (ok, i just wanted to say husband again..)

I've had that next glass of wine, because it tasted too damn good to go to bed yet.

I've dedicated full mornings or afternoons to reading, writing, and laying in the sun.

I've dismissed people who have hurt me, stunted my personal growth or happiness, & am not apologizing for it.

I'll probably get my nose pierced because #20

I'll probably go away again this summer because #20

And so many other things because . . . while I'll always keep my responsibilities and respect . . . living in a way that leaves no room for regrets is simply amazing :) 


Cheers to all the #20 moments! i hope you experience some of your own. And if you have, or if you do, tell me about them!! (FB messenger, Texting, Email, ect.) I'd love to hear it!



Until next time. . . 

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