Toes in the sand

July 18, 2016

I can't believe I'm creeping up on week 3 of no social media. While I feel like I just began this excursion, I also find that the past few days have been the toughest. I thought week 1 would be the worst, but it's actually been the easiest so far! Probably because I had so many distractions? Maybe it's because I was really excited to try this & was super focused on anything else? 

Whatever it was, it made things simple. But I noticed that this past weekend had me itching for web time. And it hasn't even been Facebook!! I wanted to check my instagram so badly LOL But with nothing to post to, I was able to genuinely speak to, play with, and enjoy my surrounding company! 


[I've said this before, but Instagram has always been more pleasant to me. It's very rare that people post pictures, quotes or videos that create a negative image. There isn't a lot of room for opinions or views that get lost in translation. And while you can comment and like the photos on IG, with nothing nematic being posted, seeing a negative response is even more rare.]


I have noticed, however, that within the 14 days of no "extra" interactions, I've zoned in more on things I *Want* and *Need* to do. For example:  today, i woke up early (after 11 hours of sleep!) and decided I was finally going to go to the beach! I packed up, hopped in my car, and made myself a casual beach day with me-myself-and I! It was the perfect weather for a day by the ocean and I got there early enough to claim a spot and enjoy the peace and quiet before all the wild kids showed up....

After I was finished with that scene, I came home to clean (let's be clear that cleaning is on the *need to* list...) and finished up with some grocery shopping & allotted some time to write. 


With previous distractions, I wouldn't be fully engaged with my current situations, or with the tasks I needed to finish. But I long for real connection now. . . .I crave time outside, moving around, being busy and asking people about their days (and meaning it!!. . . remember that I know NOTHING about ANYONE unless I, or the other party, contact each other on our own. So hearing about what people have been up to is fascinating!)  I keep myself occupied with games/puzzles, reading, writing, creating, conversation, baking, cooking, exploring. . . 


It's really freakin' hard to not know what is happening with everyone all the time, and  on top of all that, it should be known that I don't watch the news anymore, either. That's been something I've cut out over the past 2 years because the news was actually giving me severe anxiety, to the point where walking the streets of Boston to go to rehearsal was a truly difficult task. Social media was getting just as exhausting for so many reasons, and while being "disconnected" isn't the "norm" or even favored by the majority of you out there, so far I'd rate this process with a 4 out of 5 stars. It's liberating.  And this has been the most amazing summer so far! 


Until next time. . . 





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