These are a few of my favorite things:

July 15, 2016

On my way home the other day, I was saying some silent gratitudes because I had just finished an amazing night of teaching. I looked out my window, saw the night sky & immediately smiled. Yes, I was alone. That was the best part. Because I realized that even in those quiet moments, when nobody was talking to (or at) me. . . .when work was left behind. . . .when the world was starting to drift to sleep. . . .when I had nothing but my own thoughts to keep me company. . . .I could still be overjoyed! So i began making a list of things that make me happy/smile. Here are a few of them:


*How happy dogs look when they hang out the passenger window. They probably smell all the barbecues & flowers! 

*Peach colored skies

*The smell that envelopes the earth at 8pm on a clear July night. Mainly grass & bonfires

*Students laughing. But also shutting up when you have something to say ;)

*Painting my nails

*Trying new recipes

*Drinking super cold water after a really long class or workout


*Uninterrupted friend time

*How my hair & skin feels after a day at the beach

*Standing on top of a mountain and/or looking at the stars by the ocean. It puts me right back in my place, reminding me that I am one, minuscule part of something much greater

*Roasting a marshmallow to golden brown, peeling off the top layer & eating it before the ooey-gooey center part

*Hearing "I love you" before falling asleep 


It's all pretty awesome :)

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